It’s a two way street.


And before I get into this I must specify that I am not speaking about all atheists.  I have a friend that’s an atheist and he’s a wonderful person to talk to about spirituality.  I know he wouldn’t put me down for anything different that I believed.  He might not agree, but it’s an issue that we can agree to disagree on and leave it at that.  This is a post geared towards some very militant Atheists and pointing out the blatant hypocrisy in what they believe and “preach”.  I spent some time reading what Atheists have to say about Christians and what Christians have to say about Atheists.  For a while I had a bit of a personal vendetta against Christianity.  I didn’t hate all Christians.  But on the whole, I didn’t like God much, I didn’t like other Christians.  Mostly I didn’t like other Christians.  But reading writings from both camps, I have learned one thing:


Atheists seem to believe that hypocrisy is not a two way street.  Case in point:


1) A common argument of Atheists (or rather a retort to comments made by Christians) are that Christians are not tolerant of the beliefs of others.  Christians think they’re way is the only right way and all those who believe otherwise will suffer the punishment known as Hell.  Well of course they do!  This is what their religion teaches them.  The bible clearly states on multiple occasions that those who do not accept Jesus as their personal savior will go to hell.  This isn’t new news.


Now are Atheists any different?  Do atheists make special care to tolerate the beliefs of others?  No.  It’s not even surprising to search the internet…a website like this and find blogs and artwork calling theists unintelligent for believing in “fairy tales”.  Calling them stupid or morons.  The militant atheist is no different than the militant Christian.  Both equally believe they are right.  Both claim solid evidence proving their correctness.  The difference is that while Christianity teaches that they must spread the Good News (some however just do an incredibly poor job of doing so).  There is no reason for Atheist to be so steadfast in their desire to convert people to Atheism.  What’s really the point?  To make people not get their hopes up about the afterlife?  If a person dies and nothing happens then nothing happens.  There is no gain or loss when a person dies a Christian only to find out there is no afterlife.  Is it to make people feel like there is no purpose to their lives?  No.  I’m sure that even Atheists feel there might be a purpose to their life but instead of that purpose being something divine, that purpose is something mundane.  The root of the intolerance of the militant atheist lies in pride.  Notice that militant atheists attack theist on the grounds of intelligence.  And a lot of atheists feel that theists aren’t smart.  Because there is no way that a smart person could believe in a God.  That all comes from pride.  The feeling that they are better than other people because they have “intelligence”.


2) Another common argument is that there are scientific theories in the works that describe their position and why their are right.  Often times Atheists claim the position they do because they feel that the evidence fully supports their claim that there is no/are no God/gods out there.  When asked to back up those beliefs however, what comes back is either some theory that even the claimer believes can’t be explained or a crackpot theory that logically doesn’t make sense.  Very rarely will you get a person to honestly admit why they take the position of atheism.


I can’t say much for crackpot theories.  That’s a whole other can of worms.  But when a person claims to believe an unexplainable theory (quantum mechanics was the one mentioned to me not too long ago) then claims that theory as proof of (or rather uses that theory as proof of) their world view is using just as much faith as a person who believes in God.  The difference is that Christianity explains exactly why Christians believe the things they believe.  Quantum mechanics and other such theories (crackpot or not) have no explanation.  Thus it actually takes a little bit more faith to believe in them.  Now I’m finally understanding that book “I don’t have enough faith to be an Atheist”.


I wish I had kept the link to the blog that inspired this posting.  It was the most blatantly hypocritical thing I had ever read.  Not that many comments.  Just the blog writer and one commenter.  Something commenting about a video from a news cast.  A Christian family had said something about Atheism I suppose.  I didn’t see the video so I’m not completely sure what was said.  But the incredibly insensitive, hypocrisy that spewed forth from these two militant atheists fingertips was astonishing.  It was mostly astonishing because they were commenting on how hypocritical Christians were while being hypocritical!


Being an atheist doesn’t make you smarter than a theist.  Being an atheist doesn’t make you better than a theist.  Being an atheist just means you are an atheist.  You don’t believe in any gods or supernatural powers.  It’s nothing special.  Please stop being self-righteous.  Get off your high horse, learn to be humble and respectful of others, and stop believing that your world view is the only correct one.