Okay, I created a post in which I asked what I thought was a “simple” question (you can check for yourself I’m not gonna reference it here).


Well apparently I pissed off two bloggers here, KeyofAtheist and Eggslap.  I wasn’t out to attack all atheists.  I was speaking of the experiences I’ve had and other blogs that I’ve run across where I just hear Christians (and sometimes other spiritual people) being talked about in such derogatory manners.


Now, at least KeyofAtheist had the decency to not speak to me and at me (because there is a human being behind this blog page) using derogatory language.  Regardless of if I may piss them off sometimes (and I’m quite certain that I’ve pissed them off quite a bit…I’m a difficult person to deal with), at least they had the decency to speak to me intelligently.  So really none of this is geared towards KeyofAtheist.


Now Eggslap on the other hand made a ton of assumptions of me (all of them quite false).  Assumptions that I was religious, that I prayed, that I wanted religion in “their” government, that Christians don’t actually put themselves out in the world and make a difference, and so on and so forth.  Not to mention the language being used towards me.  And the language being used towards Christians and their beliefs.  Perhaps “militant atheist” isn’t the right phrase to use and I apologize for that.  And maybe “realist” is a “better” word/label.


To clear up some things that Eggslap wonderfully assumed of me…


1.  I’m not Christian.  I was at one point, but was only “Christian” because I called myself such.  What’s a 7 year old supposed to do when her mother tells her that she has to go to church.  It was around age 14 where I realized that I wasn’t Christian but was still forced to go to church.  And it was at that point where I developed a deep resentment for the religion and blaming it for a lot of problem.  But get this straight, while I was very angry and hateful towards the belief, I had the common decency to respect the beliefs of my friends and family and not speak ill of them for what they believed.  The same was same for Christians I didn’t know.  Just because someone believes something that’s odd doesn’t make them less intelligent or incapable of recognizing the realities of what’s happening right here, right now.


2. Who said that I hoped or prayed?  I don’t pray.  I’m not Christian.  I’m not spiritual (not in any religious connotation and not in your definition either).  I have no use for praying after my experiences of it not working.  I stopped.  The only time you’ll catch me “praying” is to appease my mother during Thanksgiving and/or Christmas for she is a Christian and there’s no way I could get away with not doing so.  I don’t hope either.  With my general dislike of humanity, I don’t have hope for humans.  Why should I?  Can anyone give me a decent reason to hope for anything good to come of humanity?  My perception of loathsome acts?  What perception?  Perhaps my personality makes it so the negatives affect me more.  I’m a pessimist and cynic.  I already stated I have a general dislike/hatred of humanity.  Why is this my “perception”?  Do terrible things not happen?  Do people not do terrible things to each other for no reason whatsoever?


3. On my decision to be a misanthrope…it had nothing to do with Christianity.  It had nothing to do with religion.  It just struck me at one point that I absolutely disliked human society and that it didn’t make any sense to me.  I was always a pessimist.  So yes.  Negatives will always outweigh positives.  It’s great that your life is fantastic.  That’s wonderful.  I never claimed that no one could be happy without a belief in God.  So it’s great that you can have a great life without a belief in any sort of God.  Unfortunately until it’s proven to me that I should have faith in humanity, I most likely won’t.


4. I never said anything about a “light at the end of the tunnel”.  A belief in an afterlife can exist without that.


But there are a few things that I suppose I agree with you on…


1.  Actually I will agree with you on this one…my expectations of hope and faith are completely delusional.  Despite the fact that I have no hopes, dreams, or faith in anything.  So your anger with me on this point is completely unwarranted.  I envy people who are hopeful.  I don’t have the capabilities to hope for the best of people when all I see from people are terrible things.


2.  I must admit I’ve taken quite a liking to that label of anti-realist.  I’m sure you wouldn’t think that anyone would like such a title (well most rational people wouldn’t…but I’ve admitted to you that I’m quite irrational).  But I do like it quite a bit.  Because I don’t like reality.  I hate it.  But I can’t escape it.  It’s quite unfortunate really…And admittedly I whine a lot about the world and don’t do much of anything.  Why?  Because I feel like I can’t.  So usually I try to not “whine” so much about anything.  I have no right to say anything without trying to do anything about it.  But whatever…I have conflicting and contradicting thoughts in my mind on all issues, ideas, etc.


Anyways, that’s all I got now.  I’m quite surprise I wasn’t as upset this time with someone being pissed at me for something.  Though I am going to be more inclined to keep any opinions to myself from now on.  I’m not used to attention being put on me and I don’t like it.  At least not for this (now if this were deviantART and it the attention were on my art it might be another story).


I’m sure it really isn’t healthy for me to be so jaded…