I debated whether or not I wanted to post anything that I drew on this blog.  I already have a bunch other sites where I post art and this one was just supposed to be more discussion, debate, personal emotion venting based.


But I figured if I came up with art that had some relevance to a topic that I may write about, it might do some good on multiple levels.  And music related topics are a good enough topic.  Why music?  Because music is something that I can relate to like none other.  The majority of the songs I listen to aren’t even in English, but a good song will be able to influence your mood or invoke emotions in you regardless of the language.  And I often like drawing (or at the least coming up with ideas for) pictures revolving around songs, especially those that stir up some sort of emotion in me.


Also this might give me a good enough reason draw more full pictures rather than just a character based pictures.  But because I’m such a slow drawer, such topics will be so few and far between.  Especially once classes start back up.


Anyways, I was just listening to a lot of songs on the train today and realized that there’s something that needs to be said about them.  And there’s something that I want to draw to go with each of them as well.  These are songs that will be most likely unknown to people who aren’t fans of anime at the least.  It ought to be something fun to do.


So as soon as I finish up this one picture, the first one up will be “Magic” by Rina Aiuchi.