(Warning: Video contains language that is both vulgar and potentially inflammatory.  If you don’t wish to feel insulted, I’d suggest you don’t watch it.)



If you can get past his vulgar language at points he makes a decent enough point.  This he that I’m referring to is a comedian that goes by the name “2 the Ranting Gryphon”.  This particular rant of his is a few years old but the message is still relevant in the world today.  And you can replace “America” with anything else and it will still ring true (for the most part).  For anyone who didn’t watch the video due to the warning I placed there, his main point was that after 9/11 (both directly afterwards, and in years following) there was this feeling that terrorists were attacking our freedoms and threatening them.  Firstly, freedom is an intangible object that cannot be attacked nor threatened.  Secondly…how?  How exactly did terrorist attack the freedom that we have?  You can’t attack a feeling or intangible object.  That’s akin to saying that they attacked the air we breathe.  9/11 was a terrible incident.  An extraordinarily horrible thing that people could just attack other human beings in such a manner.  However, the point is we lost no freedoms nor was our freedom being attacked.


A comment on my “response to a previous post” journal by Eggslap reminded me of 2’s America rant.  Eggslap said “However, when your conscience demands that you attempt to take basic freedoms away from someone else because “the Bible says it’s wrong,” you’ve abandoned all the Christian teachings you should have held dear”.  I gave a fairly simplified answer in response, but the basic gist here is that what 2 applied to his rant can be applied to this statement as well.  What freedoms are being taken away?  To be more specific, the quote says “basic freedoms”.


Quite frankly, America (though it has problems) is the most free country.  Look at the TV shows we can watch.  South Park is allowed to get away with nearly anything and everything.  Aside from showing the prophet Mohammed and some language issues, everything else has been shown on TV unedited.  Family Guy can do the same.  People in this country are free to speak their mind and believe as they wish.  Women are free to get jobs and wear the clothes they wish to wear.  These are freedoms.  If “taking away basic freedoms” means being against abortion or same-sex marriage, those are the least of worries.  Making abortions illegal really doesn’t take away freedom.  It saves a life that would’ve otherwise been killed.  That’s all it does.  Not legalizing same-sex marriage isn’t taking away a freedom either.  And it’s quite a minor problem in this country.  This is one issue I don’t think about too much as it does not affect me, but arguments against same-sex marriage need work.  I mean a lot of work.  They’re all about children and emotional appeal.  They don’t bother to explain marriages where people don’t want children.  But that’s besides the point.  Homosexuals are still allowed to live normal lives.  They’re still allowed to be with whoever they want to be with and be who they want to be.  Also (and this part might sound much more harsh than I mean it to be), taking away the freedom of marriage implies that they freedom was already there.  If you want to get technical about it, you can’t take away what someone doesn’t have.


In comparison to other countries, we’ve got it easy.  Gay people get killed in other countries.  Women are forced to stay in the home and be housewives.  Not what they want to do.  What they have to do because they’re viewed as “less than” a man.  In other countries you can be killed for what you believed.  Legally by the government.  So I must ask again, what freedom of yours has been taken away?


I for one can say that no one’s taken away my freedoms.  I’m free to be an agnostic, to question and learn about different religions and spiritual practices, to cosplay, to create fursuits, to represent myself as a domestic dog online, to be an anime fan, to listen to a comedian like 2 Gryphon, to be a furry, to be a therian, to continue loving Pokemon even though I’m 21, to go to school for animation and not want to work in a studio, to complain about important and trivial aspects of life, and so on and so forth.  All the things I’m free to do and be…none of it is being taken away from me.  Not a single thing.


My journal is more geared towards the idea that Christians are taking away basic freedoms, but I’m equally peeved with the idea of anyone taking away freedoms in America.  I’ll believe freedoms are being taken away when I’m faced with hard evidence that there are freedoms being taken away.  Because most of the people who complain about this issue probably don’t have anything being taken away from them.  They can still walk around and believe what they want to believe, feel what they want to feel, and say what the want to say without fear of being killed from it.  Ridicule yes.  People will still ridicule you for trivial things, but you can’t legally be killed for it.


We have freedom and that’s a good thing.  But just because not everyone has the same…whatever…as everyone else doesn’t equate to freedoms being taken away.