Okay, so I said I would write up entries dealing with either songs I listen to or lyrics to songs I listen to.  Most times the problem with that is most of the songs I listen to are in Japanese, so generally I go off of someone else’s translation of it.  For this time though, I’m just focusing on one of four lines to a song called “Magic” by Rina Aiuchi:


Magic of the Smile

Magic of the Word

Magic of the Love

Magic of the Music


Not only do I want to write a series of posts about them, but I want to illustrate a picture to go with each line as well so for this round I’m just focusing on the first one listed there, “magic of the smile”.  There’s not very much to say about a smile so this will be kept short and simple.


In general I don’t believe in magic.  Not in the sense of fantasy witchcraft or even ‘real’ witchcraft.  But I do believe in what I will call “mundane magic”.  The little tiny things in everyday life that can cause a person’s attitude, mood, day, etc. to change in drastic manners (either for better or for worse).  A smile is one of those things.  Think about it.  Doesn’t it feel better to see someone smile?  Even nervous smiles are adorable.  And doesn’t it make you feel even a little bit better to smile than to frown or mope around?  Smiles are friendly and warm.  If someone smiles at you, you’re almost compelled to smile back at them.  They’re a bit infectious that way.  That is their magic.