“TAS” stands for “Traditional Animation Studio”.  It’s a class where I’m allowed to create my own project.  It’s a class that students are allowed to take twice (in order to finish up a project if it’s necessary or if the student wants to).  Which was my initial plan.  I was going to finish my project that I was calling “No Escape”.  It was more of a psychological thriller.  I knew it had some loose ends to be tied up and cleaned up.  And I had planned on doing so.  However, apparently no one in the class could understand my “story” (which I admit that there really was no story).  And the teacher couldn’t either.  So my options were to change my story to something I didn’t want to do or to come up with a completely new story.  I chose the latter.

So this is really my plan B and I’m using a very wonderful song as the base for my story.  I’ve only got a few weeks to get stuff done so there’s no way that I can finish the entire project.  But perhaps if I like it enough I can work on it over the summer as well.

The song I’m going to use for the base story is a Korean song called “Tri-Angle” by DBSK (feat. BoA and The Trax). :

Definitely going to have to add the subtitles to my own project or else the story won’t be understood.  So far I’m working out the details.  Tomorrow I plan on doing a few thumbnail sketches.  Honestly I don’t really want anymore input on the story.  I just want to work on my own thing.  I don’t want to please other people doing this.  If other people like it, it’s fine.  If people understand it, that’s fine too.  It’s a plus.  But I’m not working on a story that isn’t mine when the point of the class is working on my own story.  Outside of this class of course I’ll work on things that aren’t mine.

Anyways, I’ve got three characters I’m working with: Sombra, Yesebel, and an unnamed wire-coated Ibizan Hound.  Yesebel’s a hellhound.  The Ibizan Hound is an angel.  Sombra is…Sombra.  Just a regular mutt.

So basically I created a section completely devoted to this project.  With all the sketches, pencil tests, character sheets and bios and whatever else that pertains to the story.


EDIT:  Well it’s not being done for my TAS class.  But I will keep the project.  I’ve written up a decent story to go with it.  Next step would be storyboarding.  If only I didn’t get another idea recently.  But this animation will get done.  I do need things for a demo reel…