Okay, it was really the introduction of Justin Bieber’s movie “Never Say Never” that made me think a little more about this subject.  That coupled with a few of my friends and their mentality about him and celebrities like him.  As well as the way I think/thought about younger celebrities.


Especially among people my age (21; in their late teens to twenties) there seems to be this trend of hating teen celebrities.  Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Justice…you name it, there’s probably someone out there who hates them without reason for hating them.  But for simplicity’s sake, I think I’ll just stick with Justin Bieber since I personally know so many anti-Bieber people.  Including myself at one point until I realized that I had no reason to dislike him at all.  I know nothing about him.


What it really is is jealousy.  Here comes this 15-16 year old kid who we’re told was discovered off YouTube and here we are in our late teens and twenties still going to school, still trying to earn degrees to get a decent job.  And even after we get degrees we still have a ridiculous time trying to search for a job.  We’re told that it was luck.  That Bieber was discovered after someone famous saw him on YouTube and wanted to sign him to a record deal.  Is it true?  Probably.  But do we know everything else that he had to do before he was discovered on YouTube?  No.


Now some people don’t like him because they say he’s untalented.  Is it true?  No.  Of course he’s talented.  He’s not the greatest singer ever.  There’s plenty of singers who have very similar sounds to his.  But obviously people like him or else he wouldn’t be where he is today.  It’s not just teens either.  Some adults like him as well.  Not to mention that it’s adults that he works for and adults that have to buy his CD’s for their kids.


Jealousy is the real name of the game.  Anyone who doesn’t admit this is just lying to themselves.


Don’t like that he has a movie?  Tough.  I think he’s too young to be having his life’s story, however his message is something that anyone should get behind.  He didn’t give up on what he wanted to do.  Neither should anyone else.


Don’t like that he’s famous?  Again, tough.  He’s got a niche audience and this audience is going to keep paying to see him.  The only way you’ll stop his fame is by stopping the millions of fans he has from seeing him.  That is a near impossibility.


If you really want to ‘hate’ someone, find a reason to do so.  Don’t use a cheap reason like “I hate their music” or “How dare he have a movie?!”.  That’s a ludicrous reason to hate a person as a whole.