So I’m sitting here watching a marathon of Touched by an Angel.  I kinda grew up watching it ’cause my mom used to watch it all the time.  I’d never really paid any attention to it before.


But anyways…the majority of the emphasis in this show is on the relationship between a person an God/Jesus.  The semantics of beliefs other than that relationship really aren’t discussed much.  Which brings forth a question that’s been bothering me for quite a while:  Aside from the belief in Jesus as your savior and faith in God, what else constitutes being a Christian?  Now I’m well aware that the most would say that this is key and probably a good deal of other beliefs could possibly be debatable.  I don’t believe that.  I find that what else a Christian believes always comes into question.  If you’re a Christian that believes that gays should be able to get married, your faith is questioned.  If you’re a Christian who believes anything else that falls outside the norm of being a Christian, you’re questioned.


So do Christians really have to believe everything the bible says?  No deviations at all from it in order to be considered true Christians?  I hear Christians saying that you have your own mind.  And if a person has their own mind and believes something different why does that make them a bad Christian for not always agreeing and parroting (sorry if that word sound harsh…many times people just sound like they’re parroting the Bible and not actually believing it…they “believe” just because the bible says they should) what they’re told because perhaps they feel like they shouldn’t believe any different.


Is that a proper assessment or an incorrect one?  Say if I were to convert to Christianity, would I be able to believe something different and still be considered Christian?  Or would I have to “believe” the bible wholeheartedly even though I don’t really believe it?