Oh, how I dislike the title of “artist”. It comes with so many presumptions and ideas that just don’t fit with me. But other people tend to insist that I am an artist therefore I reluctantly use the label.


But I’m a rather terrible “artist”. I rarely get work done. Not to mention I work slower than a snail moves. I’ve grown a terrible habit of worrying so much about getting a line “perfect” in a sketch. Making everything look pretty (at least to me…I’m sure most things don’t look that great to everyone else). I have so many ideas for pictures and animations and comics, but they never get done because I work so slowly. There’s so may pictures (like the WIP’s I uploaded yesterday) that sit unfinished on my laptop because the work almost gets too much for me. If the picture isn’t done within a week or two it’s very rare that it will get done if it’s not a commission.


As bad of a drawer as I was when I was in lower or middle school, I miss just be able to draw for fun and not worry about if the picture looks good enough. If the anatomy’s good, expression’s good, if people will like it, if I’m good enough to one day live off of drawing…


I much prefer drawing realism over cartoony things. Cartoony things work for animation or a comic. Otherwise I much prefer painting realistic stuff. But I don’t really do it. Because none of it gets done. And if it does, it gets so rushed at the end because I have to finish it up and thus, the realism is ruined. Case in point…




I think the eyes are the only things there I like. But I want to do more stuff like that. Because I like it better. So I’ll try to do that. I need to be a much more productive “artist”. So I think I’m going to plan out things that I want to draw. Whether it be an animation or just some painting. Especially the animations. I really don’t have anything for a demo reel. Aside from class exercises but they don’t show off anything special.


So…random questions for people so that I can possibly apply these tips to me…


1) For those perfectionists out there, how do you bypass your perfectionist streak?


2) For those procrastinators out there, any tips for not distracting yourself?


3) Any tips for drawing faster? It’s an odd question, but…yeah…I need some of those. Though I often can’t draw as fast as I want to anymore because my hand get’s some bad cramps from drawing for even short periods of time. The pain usually set in when I’m working with my tablet…not so much when I’m just sketching.