Dear Society (and more specifically Parents),

Stop blaming the entertainment industry on your short comings.

When I say “entertainment industry” I’m speaking of everything from movies, to games, to television, to music.  All of these things have been blamed at one point or another for the things that are wrong with society.  A kid goes crazy and starts injuring or killing people?  Blame a video game that he played.  A kid starts behaving horribly?  It’s okay.  We have rap music to blame for that.  This isn’t a one time phenomenon.  When something new is introduced into society, it becomes a scapegoat for all of societies problems.  Rap, video games, rock and roll, violent movies…this is something that they all share.

But here’s the problem with this “logic”:

Video games and movies/television have rating systems.  By paying close attention to the ratings of a movie or a game you can see the age range that it’s meant for.  G for all ages.  PG for all ages but maybe parents should go anyways.  PG-13 for parental guidance for individuals under the age of 13.  R for individuals 17 and up.  This is our system for movies.  Pretty straight forward right?  And it’s in all the commercials, posters, and ads.  So rarely do people complain about movies.  But what about video games.  Many of you may remember the “Grand Theft Auto” fiasco from a few years back.  The game became the scapegoat for violent crimes that had been reported around the same time.  And many parents were furious at sexual content that was in the game.  Here’s the issue…

Parents, it is your duty to protect your children from things you don’t want them to be exposed to.  It is your job to filter the content that your children see.  It is not the job of the government to regulate what your children are exposed to.  Nor it is a proper response (or even a rational one) to use a video game (or movie, song, book, etc.) as a scapegoat for your problems and your shortcomings.  Your child has a M rated game, plays it and you find that there are things in the game that aren’t meant for the eyes of a young child.  It isn’t the company’s fault.  They found a reliable market for a product are are trying to make money just like any other human being out there (because you know…our livelihood pretty much is defined by pieces of paper and metal).
Society, if you don’t want a product to be supported, then don’t support it!  It’s a simple solution.  If a company starts losing money, that shuts them down.  Thus the problem is solved.  No money.  No company.  Simple as that.

In conclusion, you (society) need to stop feeling threatened by fantasy and stay focused on reality.  That’s the only way the world will continue to advance.

Best wishes,