I am a spiritually confused therian.


What that means is that not only am I a person who feels like an animal (in my case domestic dog), but I’m going on my own little spiritual journey at the moment.  To figure out all those big questions in life.  Who am I (or sometime “what” am I)?  What’s my purpose?  Why am I even here?  For some people, to say there’s no real reason why they’re here is good enough.  For me that isn’t.  I’m the sort of person who feels like not having a purpose would render me absolutely useless.  The fact that I’m a human that feels like an animal also makes me question my purpose for being here.  I have to admit, humans shouldn’t feel like anything other than humans.  So I can’t leave the answer at “I’m here because I’m here”.


Aside from the serious issues, I’m an animation student/cartoonist/avid fan artist.  I might be going to school for animation, but my goal is to be an independent animator and work on my own projects to potentially enter in film festivals.  Or a fan made series made solely for the internet.  I’ve currently got ideas for a fan made Pokemon and Robot Unicorn Attack series.  Though the Pokemon idea is going on the back burner for a while as the RUA series is shorter and the story’s about half way done.  My preferences for animating are working with a small group of friends and have fun with a project.  I’d prefer to not have to worry about money (hence why I’d rather take a mundane job to feed my hobby than to make my hobby a job and have to keep replacing one hobby with another).


I’m also an avid anime fan and furry.  I find no fear in admitting that I’m a furry.  It’s a fandom just like any other (Star Trek, Anime, Star Wars, Comic Book, etc.).  Plus it’s the only fandom I’m aware of that celebrates all kinds of artist and art (new and old, popular and unpopular, traditional and digital, Musicians, comedians, writers, etc.).  On the anime fandom side of things, I love my Japanese animation.  Technically the animation is terrible most of the time.  Very limited and uninteresting.  But the stories deal with things that I’m interested in and stylistically the art is appealing to me.  Plus the culture around it is interesting.  I love anime conventions for the elaborate cosplay (short for costume play…basically it’s the people who dress up as their favorite characters at any sort of convention), concerts by my favorite (or some that are unknown to me) musicians, and more.  I’ve recently gotten into the cosplay aspect and if everything goes right I should be debuting my first cosplay at Anime Central 2011.


The purpose of this blog is to discuss mainly topics revolving around spirituality and therianthropy.  But to also talk about other subject that come to mind.  Perhaps art, movies, animation or whatever else might cross my mind.  My goal is to make this an all purpose blog.  Eventually using this as a sketch blog as well as a space to talk about fandom related topics.