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Well this sucks…

So apparently you can’t really switch out which blog your icon immediately links to.  Well…that’s kinda pointless.  I’d rather it link to my anime and tokusatsu and furry related blog since that one’s much more fun to read (and write about) and evidently more updated than this one (let’s face it…I don’t update this one as much since venting stuff and more serious topics aren’t as fun to talk about).  But since this one is the one that I made first I guess it’s the one that’s always gonna be linked to first.


Anyways, more fun stuff is at that post linked above.  This page is gonna only be for more serious stuff and my random venting and such.  I’m sure it’s not really that interesting.  Well it can be interesting sometimes I guess…


Yeah, I’ve got three blog pages here.  This one, my poke-portfolio one which doesn’t have anything on it so far.  And my newly made “Fandom Grounds” blog.  Which is a blog that caters to the anime, tokusatsu, and furry fandom.  If it catches on and if I can get more people to write for it, I’d like to open it up to more fandoms.  It’s pretty much my idea of a “safe haven” for people of any fandoms.  Because I consider myself to be a fan of multiple things that happen to overlap at times, I wanted to make a blog where I can write about all those things.  I might change how the page looks right now though.  If anyone is interested in checking it out:


There’s about 6 or so posts up right now.  Which means my “anime/manga” section is now rendered useless and I’ll be writing about anime/manga on Fandom Grounds now.  Also Fandom Grounds is my main blog now.  So if you click on my name you should be taken there instead of here.

Now I’m not saying the songs themselves are horrible.  In fact I’m adding in a lot of openings that have songs that I like.  I’m talking about the opening sequence itself.  Whether it’s bad animation or it gives you no insight into what the series is about or the songs are the wrong fit, these openings are examples of bad ones.  I thought about calling these the worst anime openings.  But that would be quite unfair.  These are by far not the worse considering I’ve yet to scratch the surface of different anime series out there.  But these are some pretty bad ones.


Bobobo-bobo-bobo OP 1- Wild Challenger


I know I said 10…but let me explain this one before I get questioned on it.


I don’t add this one in because there’s anything in particular wrong with the opening.  In fact it…pretty much describes the series perfectly.  It’s sheer randomness.  That’s all that Bobobo is.  The animation isn’t terrible.  It’s pretty fun to watch actually if you aren’t paying close attention to the images being thrown at you.  Mostly the music is just awesome.  It gets you pumped up for the show.  The reason I add this in as a “terrible” opening because it’s a trap.  The music lures you in.  You completely forget that the opening clearly just warned you about how random this show is.  The imagery of a guy using his nose hair as whips.  That should be enough that you never want to watch the actual show.  Believe me…don’t watch it.  Ever.  You will lose brain cells.  Lots of them.  I do recommend listening to the full song of Wild Challenger by Jindou though.  It’s a real “pick-me-up” sort of song.  Really energetic and lively.


Now on to the actual list of the top ten terrible anime opening sequences…


10. Digimon OP 1- Butterfly


I put this one in the list for only one reason.  The song doesn’t fit the feeling of the opening.  The song’s great.  But there’s something about the annoying American opening to this series that fit the feel of the opening much better than a campy pop song.  Butterfly owns the American opening to this series by far.  But musically, the song just doesn’t fit.  It doesn’t get me pumped to watch the show like the American opening did.  But still it’s a fairly decent opening so that’s why it makes 10 on my list.


9. Highschool of the Dead OP 1- Highschool of the Dead


Now, I’m sure (if anyone reads this) I’d get flamed for putting this one in here.  But I’ve got my reasons.


This opening isn’t completely terrible.  The song’s great.  Decent animation.  Honestly, parts of this opening really get you pumped for the series.  The problem comes in with the gratuitous fan-service.  That’s right.  The copious amounts of breast bouncing and panty shots from all the women in this show.  Even the opening has enough fan-service for the entire series.  When I first saw the opening I was pretty pumped for watching the series.  I also have a fairly high tolerance for gravity defying breasts and useless panty shots.  But…but when most series fit in fan-service there’s a reason for it.  Either the girls are showing off to guys they like.  Or maybe (like in the case of Kallen from Code Geass) they’re sitting in a way that would be natural for them to be sitting in but the “camera” angle is showing them off in some way.  But this show (and this opening) has absolutely no reason for it.  It doesn’t fit in anywhere.  It’s just…there.  The opening itself has pseudo-soft core porn/playboy model shots of some of the students (and the school nurse who’s purely in the series for fan-service).  The concept of the series had potential.  It’s a decent show over all and a decent opening sequence overall.  If it weren’t for the soft core porn, I probably wouldn’t have added it on this list.


8. Detective Conan OP 8- Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense


I love this song.  Rina Aiuchi has a great voice.  This is nothing against the song in the video.  This is actually nothing against the video.  I find it absolutely amusing and it’s one of my favorite openings because it’s one, a para para dance (a simple one but a para nonetheless) and two, poor Conan’s expression throughout the entire video.  He’s clearly not getting paid enough for that mess.  I do have two problems with this video.  The first is that it’s poorly animated.  The dance steps are completely off the beat.  The second problem I have with it is that this opening has nothing to do with the series.  If you walked into the series on this opening (which you could actually do and you’d really have few problems understanding the series) you wouldn’t have any idea what the series is about from this opening.  The only character you’re introduced to is Conan plus the silhouettes of a few other characters.  The series has absolutely nothing to do with dancing.  The only reason I put this on the list is because despite the fact that I like this opening, it has nothing to do with the series.  Unfortunately there is a much worse opening from the same show that is also going on this list later on.


7. Yugioh GX OP 1- Kaisei Joushou Hallelujah


Again, this is an opening with a song that I love (made by the same group that makes, but the opening just doesn’t match up.  The cutting of this song for the opening is horrid.  Not to mention it’s a poor fit for the series.  Some parts worked.  Some parts were just poorly planned out.  Particularly when they broke out into the rap.  It’s a fun part of the song.  But it’s fit into a part where there’s no action.  It’s just silly comedy.  Most of which had nothing to do with the show (which I’m sure most people are familiar with the “plot” of Yugioh by this point).  The way they cut the song to fit to the minute thirty for the opening.  The song’s short enough as it is.  It didn’t need to be butchered to the degree that it was.


6. Yugioh Season “Zero” OP- Kawaita Sakebi


The so called season “zero” of Yugioh owns the commonly known Yugioh series that was seen in the US.  This series…you can only watch it online pretty much.  It was never released other than in manga/comic form in America.  Once you read it, you would understand why 4Kids could never dub this version.  It’s miles more violent than the children’s card game that we’re all used to.  Case in point…Yami plays a “game” with a robber/escaped convict and the “game” ends in the convict setting himself on fire (in the anime it turns out the fire is an illusion…in the manga the man literally sets himself on fire).  Plus Yami Yugi (and Yugi Motou) live up to their title of “Yugiou” which means King of Games.


I put this opening up here though because it doesn’t match the feel of the series.  It’s slow and boring.  Yet again, this a song that I like to a degree.  I don’t listen to it on a regular basis.  But for the series, the sequence is a poor representation of what the show is.  Too much of the focus is on the card game when cards don’t play a major role in the series until the end.  Not to mention the song is a poor fit for the series.  Just look at the opening for the sequence.  Yugi walking on some dull path with hieroglyphic covered half-columns.  That’s the tone that this opening sets for this good 27 episode “pilot” for the show.


5. King of Bandit Jing- Shout it Loud


I need to finish watching this series because despite it’s bad animation, the story’s pretty fun.  And again, this is a song I really like.  My problem with this opening is that it bombards you with uber colorful images of the show’s title and logo.  It’s trying entirely too hard to make sure that you don’t forget the name of the series.  Between animated frames or still images they flash frames of the title of the show and keep going back to the super colorful version with the title and logo.  The first 11 seconds or so of the opening are just that of the title of the series.  Not to mention we keep getting flashes of it in the middle of the opening or overlapping with some images.  Plus it ends with tell us the name of the series again.  We get it.  We won’t forget it.  The show should be able to speak for itself.  Tell us the title once or twice (in the beginning and the end) but don’t keep flashing it here and there.  The audience isn’t stupid.  I the show’s good, we’ll remember it and watch it more.  If not, we’ll forget about it.



4. Full Metal Alchemist OP 1- Melissa


For such an active and peppy song, the sequence is so amazingly slow!  This is the opening that I’ve never seen, despite having watched a good deal of the series.  Adult Swim never aired this opening.  It just started with Ready, Steady, Go (which is a song I might cover on a different top 10 list).  The only interesting parts that might’ve given any hints as to what the series is about was the fight sequence, which was short and a bit dizzying due to the constantly spinning “camera”.  The shots of the landscape were pointless.  They were just taking up space.  Same with the tilt on the arm in the beginning.  Fun song.  Absolutely poor opening.


3. Ranma 1/2 OP 1- Don’t Make Me a Shrew


There’s running…more running…some terrible dancing.  Even more running.  Ranma getting water thrown on him so he turns into a girl.  More running.  And end pose.  That’s it.  If it weren’t for the fact that there was animation in this opening, I probably would’ve put this at number one.  This is an example of a bad random opening.  Randomness works for some series.  If the series is already random and doesn’t have a set story then use a random opening.  Random can work.  This was random working in a bad way.  It’s dull and repetitive.  But it’s a cute opening so I put it at number 3.


2. Chobits OP 1- Let Me Be With You


Let me preface this by saying that I’ve never seen the series.  I’ve been meaning to watch it, but I’ve never gotten around do it.  However, I’ve watched the opening.  To most people’s surprise, I actually like the song itself.  Repetitive and slow…not to mention the vocals are a bit grating, but it’s cute.  Definitely not the best song out there by any means, but it’s cute.  The opening itself…if there was anything that could make this song any slower it’s the “animation” that goes along with it.  I’m loosely using the word animation here because what was animated in this opening was very minimal.  The opening is mostly shots of Chi and Hideki.  Back and forth pans with them.  Color changing silhouettes and photoshop mosaic filters.  That’s it.  While watching it, you just want the opening to end.  It’s boring.  You don’t want to watch any further.


1. Detective Conan OP 30- Tear Drops




I love Detective Conan.  I really do.  It’s a great show.  Long…but a great show.  But this opening is pure crap.  Now you might be thinking that I should’ve put Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense as first instead of this opening.  At least this opening had some of the other characters (mainly Ran and Shinichi…though if you want to be technical about it, Shinichi’s in every opening).  It establishes some sort of relationship in there.  But that is besides the point.  The point is that this opening takes itself seriously.  Not only does it take itself seriously, but it has terrible animation and nothing to do with the series other than the relationship between Ran and Shinichi/Conan.  But the worst of it has to be the horrid rotoscoped-looking dance sequence in the middle of the opening.  It features the singer of the song doing the dance that she does in the actual music video for Tear Drops.  The dance isn’t even that good.  She literally has nothing to do with the series yet she’s featured in about half the opening.  The actual parts of the opening that do have to do with the series in some way are pretty poorly thought out.  Most of the interaction between Ran and Shinichi/Conan is taken from a Valentine’s Day episode (maybe parts were reanimated for this opening but still it’s a very close re-hashing).  Kaito Kid didn’t need to be in the opening.  He technically has nothing to do with Detective Conan.  He’s from a series (by the same author, Gosho Aoyama) called Magic Kaitou.  Honestly, this is the epitome of a terrible anime opening.


So there we have.  Top ten terrible anime opening sequences.  The sad thing is I like all these songs (with the exception of Don’t Make Me a Shrew).  Next up…the 10 best anime opening sequences.  I will talk about the best and worst of anime songs, but for now I’m just focusing on the sequence as a whole.

Labels and Hatred

For the longest time I’ve had hang ups over label and what groups of people I should associtate with and which ones I shouldn’t associate with.  But slowly I’ve come to the realization that it doesn’t matter anymore.  There are dozens upon dozens of reasons that people could potentially hate me.  I don’t need to concern myself with how the world percieves me.  I just need to put my best foot forward and continue on my way.


So for the fun of it I’ll list reasons why people could hate me and why it would be wrong if they hated me for such reasons (in order from most important/obvious to least important/obvious).

1. I’m black. It’s the most obvious thing about me.  My skin is a medium brown color.  That’s nothing new.  Yet racism is still very evident in this country.  White supremacy groups still exist.  The KKK still runs in various states.  I remember when I was in girl scouts, we went camping in Indiana and the group leader needed someone to go out and get some milk and other supplies so they asked my mother.  And my mother would not go out there because she was well aware that the Klan was very open in that area of Indiana.

Race is about the most incomprehensible reason to hate someone.  But yet people attempt to justify it.  (Racism also goes the other way too.  There are far too many black people who are racists towards white people, mexicans, etc.)

2. I’m female. I don’t completely understand sexism.  Just because you were/might have been wronged by one woman doesn’t mean that all women will wrong you or that all women are the same.

3. I’m a non-Christian. In a predominately “Christian” country (I’ll use Christian loosely because there are a lot of people in the US who clearly claim the title of Christian but really aren’t), there are some who might look down on me and hate me for not being of their belief system.  But there’s reasoning behind it.  I don’t take too kindly to the fire and brimstone style of preaching.  I don’t take to kindly to blatant hypocrisy within one’s beliefs.  Also, I’m very confused by a lot of Christian belief.  And I have a slight fear of God.  Not fear as in reverance, but fear as in afraid.

4. I’m a young adult. I don’t know why but being a teenager and young adult usually equates to immaturity in people’s minds.  And I’ll admit…I can be immature.  I love cartoons.  I’m a bit childish at times.  But that doesn’t equate to being completely and totally immature.  I realize I have my issue that I have to work on in regards to “growing up”.  But my age isn’t something that I should or need to be judged on.

5. I’m an otaku. Not in the sense that the word means in Japan.  But I’m a fan of Japanese animation (anime for short).  As much as I think the animation for such shows are terrible (it’s an unfortunate side effect of going to school for animation; I’ve become a bit critical of the animations I watch), I like the characters, themes, shows, etc.  I like the subculture for anime fans.  The conventions, artwork, costuming.  It’s a world of art and artists.  Some people put anime in the camps of either “too childish” (for example Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh, Bakugan, Beyblade) or “pornography/too adult” (not sure what titles can fit in here as I haven’t watched any pornographic animes; maybe “ecchi” types like Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan…don’t look that up if you’re really uncomfortable with violence and blood, High School of the Dead, etc.).

I don’t deserve to be told what shows I like to watch and what kind of person I am because I like some of the shows Japan puts out.  I like Miyazaki’s films.  And Satoshi Kon’s (rest in peace) psychological works.  I like shows based upon what sort of content they have, not just because it’s from Japan.  Also I don’t assume to know the Japanese language or anything about the culture.  I pick up words and phrases, but I’m not stupid enough to use them without the context to use them in.

6. I’m a furry. The same as above.  The furry fandom is a fandom that often has very negative connotations based on the actions of a few.  But don’t lump me in with everyone else.  I’m my own person.  I love drawing animals (anthropomorphic or not).  I’ve grown a love for the craft of making animal costumes (though I don’t like wearing them nearly so much).  Learn to look past the stereotypes and negatives and you’ll see a group of people with a respect for art.  I won’t deny that the negatives are there.  But I do deny that everyone is like that.

7. I’m a therian. And this is something that I used to be so uncomfortable writing about.  Sometimes I still feel uncomfortable about it.  It’s a subject that’s foreign to most people and people tend to hate or fear things that they don’t understand rather than listen and have civil conversations with people who feel differently and learn about why they are the way they are.

8. I’m overweight. It’s probably the third most obvious thing, but it’s probably the most ludicrous reason to hate someone that I can think of.  I recognize the reasons why I’m overweight and I know I need to work on such things before tackling the issue of weight.  My self-esteem is terrible, I have a possible addiction to anything sweet (almost anything sweet; I do need savory foods to balance things out), I eat the wrong things, and I use food as a substitute for boredom.  Telling people that they’re fat is only stating the obvious.  Spewing hateful things towards overweight people don’t really motivate most of them to lose weight (it might for some…it would depress me even further).  Learn what happened in a person’s life that would cause them to get to that point and gently help them if they so desire the help.  If not, let them be.

Of course there’s other reasons for people to hate me.  These are probably the most “obvious” ones or the ones that affect me most in life.  I haven’t experienced hatred in all these areas (yet).  But for those who have felt such hate, they have to have felt so much pain from it.  And for those who dealt painful words to others, what basis were those words coming from?  Why did you feel the need to tell someone how much you hate who they are, what they like, what they look like, etc.?  And if you were wrong about who they were as a person, did you retract your statements or apologize?  Or did you continue to insist that they had to be the stereotype because you thought they were?