It’s such an interesting subject.  If not one that was brought to my mind via a interesting show called Kamen Rider OOO.  I’m not gonna get in to that.  This isn’t my other blog.  It’s not the forum for talking about anime or tokusatsu.  But I bring it up because the series deals strongly with the idea and concept of desire.  What it is.  What it means for humans.  Is it good?  Is it bad?  And I finally understand what the series was trying to say about desire.  Desire is neither inherently good nor bad.  But in order for a desire to be worthwhile, it must be something that 1) you don’t take for granted, and 2) can help to better yourself.  Because there are different types of desires and sometimes a poor one can affect us for the worse.


What I mean by different types of desires is that there are desires that there are desires that come do us via biology, desires that come to us via substances, and desires we create because we seek to change something about ourselves, our close circle of friends/family/acquaintances, or the world.  That first group can be a double edged sword.  There are plenty of things that we desire biologically.  Food, sleep, sex, etc.  But those are all things that if we allow to control us can result in (at worst) disaster.  Gluttony will negatively affect your health.  Sloth will make it so the world just passes you by.  Lust makes you seek out what cannot fulfill you.  These are desires that if applied in excess can destroy.  The second group is only meant to destroy.  When I say desires that come via substances, I do mean drug and alcohol abuse.  If you have a necessity for such things that’s a problem.  The third is the type of desire every one needs to cultivate.  It’s the sort of desire that we need to trump negative desires in our lives.  It’s weird to say, but the only way to get rid of a negative influence or desire in life having a positive desire (or rather a desire of your own) that’s stronger.  Not one of your body or just a part of you.  A desire that’s all your own to make a difference in yourself or the world.


So then what about me?  Well…I don’t really have one.  Well I do…but the unfortunate thing is that my other desires (the ones I tend to detach from myself because they don’t really reflect anything positive) are much stronger.  My desire for everything to be simple.  My desire for instant gratification.  And other similar desires.  Whatever desires I have to actually better myself get lost in the back of my mind.  I recognize the possibility for self-destruction if I don’t “find” a desire of my own.  But to cultivate a personal desire is something that I have no idea how to do…


(If you disagree with my take on what desire is I really don’t care ’cause when I apply it to myself, I find it to be true.)