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Well this sucks…

So apparently you can’t really switch out which blog your icon immediately links to.  Well…that’s kinda pointless.  I’d rather it link to my anime and tokusatsu and furry related blog since that one’s much more fun to read (and write about) and evidently more updated than this one (let’s face it…I don’t update this one as much since venting stuff and more serious topics aren’t as fun to talk about).  But since this one is the one that I made first I guess it’s the one that’s always gonna be linked to first.


Anyways, more fun stuff is at that post linked above.  This page is gonna only be for more serious stuff and my random venting and such.  I’m sure it’s not really that interesting.  Well it can be interesting sometimes I guess…


Yeah, I’ve got three blog pages here.  This one, my poke-portfolio one which doesn’t have anything on it so far.  And my newly made “Fandom Grounds” blog.  Which is a blog that caters to the anime, tokusatsu, and furry fandom.  If it catches on and if I can get more people to write for it, I’d like to open it up to more fandoms.  It’s pretty much my idea of a “safe haven” for people of any fandoms.  Because I consider myself to be a fan of multiple things that happen to overlap at times, I wanted to make a blog where I can write about all those things.  I might change how the page looks right now though.  If anyone is interested in checking it out:


There’s about 6 or so posts up right now.  Which means my “anime/manga” section is now rendered useless and I’ll be writing about anime/manga on Fandom Grounds now.  Also Fandom Grounds is my main blog now.  So if you click on my name you should be taken there instead of here.