Yeah, I’ve got three blog pages here.  This one, my poke-portfolio one which doesn’t have anything on it so far.  And my newly made “Fandom Grounds” blog.  Which is a blog that caters to the anime, tokusatsu, and furry fandom.  If it catches on and if I can get more people to write for it, I’d like to open it up to more fandoms.  It’s pretty much my idea of a “safe haven” for people of any fandoms.  Because I consider myself to be a fan of multiple things that happen to overlap at times, I wanted to make a blog where I can write about all those things.  I might change how the page looks right now though.  If anyone is interested in checking it out:

There’s about 6 or so posts up right now.  Which means my “anime/manga” section is now rendered useless and I’ll be writing about anime/manga on Fandom Grounds now.  Also Fandom Grounds is my main blog now.  So if you click on my name you should be taken there instead of here.